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Flying Fields

OK, you have some model rockets.  You're eager to fly them, but you don't know where to go?

First, you need to know how a big of a field that you'll need.  The NAR model rocketry safety code gives recommended field sizes based upon the rocket motors that you plan to use.


  • Big, flat, without (major) trees, power lines, or other obstacles

  • If it's windy, bigger is better.

Private property is preferred.  Just make sure to get permission from the landowner beforehand!  Public property such as parks, school athletic fields, etc are often quite convenient.  Just make sure to check beforehand with the local park board, school office, or whatever.  In some places, they may not permit model rockets on public land.

Flying sites recommended by Minnesota rocketeers:

To tell MRN about a good flying site or update our current information, please send all the info to:  mrn [at] mn-rocketry [dot] net

PLEASE NOTE!  MRN has not verified the suitability of these sites for flying model rockets; they come recommended to you by local model rocketeers.  Also, MRN has not and does not determine for you that model rocket flying is officially permitted or not permitted at these sites under local rules, regulations, or statutes.  Please use caution, common sense, and all due diligence (along with the safety code) whenever and wherever you fly model rockets!

Eagan - Lexington Diffley Athletic Fields

4201 Lexington Avenue (SW corner of the intersection of Lexington & Diffley)  A fairly large park, it's mostly covered with athletic fields (softball, soccer, etc.) with lots of fences for you to detour around as you chase your rockets.

Eagan - Northview Athletic Fields

980 Northview Park Road (on Northview Park Rd, east of Lexington Avenue)

Eagan - Northview Elementary

"The size of the field is over 400 yards per side and there is little in the way of obstruction, except near the school where the power lines run.  There is a steep hill separating the upper and lower fields.  With a southerly wind, I would set up shop near the school and aim the launch rod straight up.  That would give you about 300 yards to recover.  With a westerly wind, I would launch by the pond, then you have the full 400 yards.  It would be advised to keep launches under 1500 feet in all but the calmest conditions.  Across the road to the south you'll have about 100 yards of brush to land in if blows that way.  If it blows north, hope it goes an additional 200 yards and lands in the next park. East and west, forget it."

Elk River / Otsego - VFW Soccer Fields

This field is located next to the VFW community center.  It is a complex of several soccer fields offering a good-sized recovery area.  Rocket flying is permitted, although you should check with the VFW (if they're there).  Soccer has priority use of the fields.  Suitable for rockets with engines up through E and multi-stagers.

Directions:  (from the Twin Cities) Take I-94 west toward St. Cloud. Exit on Hwy 101 (Rogers/Elk River exit).  Take a right (North) on Hwy 101. Take a left onto County Rd 37 (70th St NE) - there is not a traffic light at this intersection. Go past the "Otsego" water tower and take a right onto Parson Ave (gravel road), go about 1/4 mile to Quaday Ave. Take a left onto Quaday (another gravel road). Field is adjacent to a VFW community center on the right side of Quaday Ave. 

White Bear Lake - Sunrise Park Middle School

This field is a public park within the city of White Bear Lake, and it is immediately adjacent to a school.  Model rocket flying is allowed at this park, but organized athletics have first call upon the fields.

This is a decent-sized flying field, but it's bordered on the south side by the large, flat, school roof and on the other three sides by residential areas.  Use your best recovery-system judgement; high-flying rockets should use streamers.  Please try to keep your rockets within the boundaries of the park.  Size is OK for rockets with motors up through D.  2-stage rockets can be flown on calm days.

Directions:  From I-694, take the White Bear Ave exit.  Go north to the traffic light at Cedar and take a right.   Drive east on Cedar and take a left at the second stop sign onto Cranbrook.  This will take you along the west side of the park.  Park in the school lot or in an orderly fashion along the street.



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Last updated: May 11, 2001

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