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Last updated: July 13, 2005

Alan Estenson, Webmaster



Minnesota Tripoli Launch Photos
North Branch, Minnesota
July 9, 2005
If you can contribute to the photo descriptions, please send email to mrn [at]
(Please specify the photo by number and launch date.)

Blue-bordered images are thumbnails.  Click on them to view the full-sized photo.

All photos Copyright © 2005 by Alan S. Estenson and the Minnesota Rocketry Network (MRN).
Print, web or electronic reproduction prohibited without prior permission.


  • Quite the line-up.



  • Sometimes you need four hands to deal with those darn chutes.






  • The Rocketman brought out his latest creation to show to the crew on hand.  (He says that first flight is planned for September.)





  • Owner:  Tom Tweit
  • Rocket:  Made from the container for a fireworks assortment
  • Motor(s):   J350
  • Notes:  






  • Owner:  David Whitaker
  • Rocket:  PML Pterodactyl Jr.
  • Motor(s):   H180
  • Notes:  







  • Owner:  Mike Pazderski
  • Rocket:  PML AMRAAM 3
  • Motor(s):   ?
  • Notes:  Look at the sparks flying in photo #0091!






  • A flock o' drag-racing Fat Boys.




  • Owner:  Paul Jarosch
  • Rocket:  "Shadow of Death"
  • Motor(s):   E28
  • Notes:  Clear payload section (with troll)




  • Tim says "You should buy this.  It's a good one.  Yah, sure, you betcha."




  • Owner:  Walter Kjellander
  • Rocket:  ?
  • Motor(s):   G40
  • Notes:  




  • Owner:  Ted Novak
  • Rocket:  LOC Viper III
  • Motor(s):   3 E9-6
  • Notes:  only 2 motors lit, but it still flew ok




  • Owner:  Darrell Kroneman
  • Rocket:  ?
  • Motor(s):   ?
  • Notes:  Neat multi-stage




  • Owner:  ?
  • Rocket:  Modified LOC EZI-65
  • Motor(s):   ?
  • Notes:  Successful Level 1 cert flight.  Congrats!




  • Owner:  Eric Dammer
  • Rocket:  Icarus Seven
  • Motor(s):   H123
  • Notes:  On-board digital video camera.




  • Owner:  ?
  • Rocket:  PML Small Endeavour
  • Motor(s):   ?
  • Notes:  



  • Owner:  Kevin Ballinger
  • Rocket:  Bigger Scratch
  • Motor(s):   Lit 3 I's on the pad, air-started a J295
  • Notes:  Very nice!




  • Owner:  Chris Woodbury
  • Rocket:  Estes Black Brant II
  • Motor(s):   E18 ?
  • Notes:  Really went up there!




  • Owner:  David Whitaker
  • Rocket:  Yank/LOC Black Brant X
  • Motor(s):   F40
  • Notes:  



  • Owner:  Ted Novak ?
  • Rocket:  PML Callisto
  • Motor(s):   G80 (FWL)
  • Notes:  






  • Owner:  Nate Schleif
  • Rocket:  Taint Scared
  • Motor(s):   4-motor cluster
  • Notes:  from Tom Schleif - "I would like to give some info to go along with photos 154 and 155.  This is Nate Schleif’s first scratch design and built rocket.  He built it for his 4-H project this year and decided to name it “Taint Scared” after this incident.  It has a 4 motor cluster, a central 24 mm with three 18 mm motor mount.  It flew perfectly on its first flight with a D12 and three C6s.  He then wanted to fly with a central F39 and three C6s.  As the photo shows the central motor did not light which resulted in poor results.  The fin can was salvageable and the rocket was rebuilt in time for the county fair.  I am happy to report that it did get a purple ribbon and earned Nate a trip to the State Fair."




  • David Whitaker and Glen Overby, rocket goofballs.








  • Owner:  ?
  • Rocket:  PML Bullpuppy ?
  • Motor(s):   ?
  • Notes:  Successful Level 1 cert flight.  Congrats!  (After brief interlude while it dangled from the center-pivot irrigator.)








  • Owner:  Carl Hasbargen
  • Rocket:  Level 3 certification attempt
  • Motor(s):   Hypertek M1015 hybrid
  • Notes:  #sigh#  Sometimes, things just don't go your way...  (even on the third try of the day.)
    Check out the time-sequence shots in the final photo!  #ouch#
  • "Thank you so much for the photos!  My name is Carl Hasbargen.  The "M" rocket that failed to ignite properly was mine.  6" diameter, 10 foot tall, about 44 pounds loaded.  I called it Pegasus (not after the US missile... just "my flying horse" of a rocket) but after the Hypertek motor had a CATO in June, I renamed it "Wounded Pegasus".  I'll have to think about the name a bit now that it has been broken up in a few new places.  I'll work hard to get it ready for another launch attempt in August on the Hypertek M1015.  I'd like to get a chance to test the rocket in flight... so far my trials and tribulations have had to do with getting the motor to ignite properly! "