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Last updated: May 5, 2001

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Minnesota Tripoli Launch Photos
North Branch, Minnesota
July 8, 2000
If you can contribute to the photo descriptions, please send email to
(Please specify the photo by number.)

Blue-bordered images are thumbnails.  Click on them to view the full-sized photo.

The following photos were provided by Ted Cochran.  Thanks, Ted!

All photos Copyright 2000 by Ted Cochran.  Commercial reproduction prohibited without permission.

t00-058.jpg (40266 bytes)


  • Owners:  Dan Gates, Mike VanDe Kamp, Tom Tweit, Doug Menning, Mike Casmey, Bob Brashear, Carl Blood.
  • Rocket:  BHR (Big Honkin' Rocket)
  • Motor(s):  M1315 & four J350's (booster), J275 (second stage), J275 (third stage)
  • Notes:  setup & prep

t00-059.jpg (77733 bytes)


  • Notes:  Liftoff!


t00-060.jpg (9837 bytes)


  • Notes:  Looks good!


t00-061.jpg (24497 bytes)


  • Notes:  Veering thataway...


t00-062.jpg (30353 bytes)


  • Notes:  Straightening out...


t00-063.jpg (12831 bytes)


  • Notes:  Recovery after intentional abort, upper stage motors were not ignited


t00-064.jpg (32711 bytes)


  • Owner:  Glen Overby
  • Rocket:  Apache (scratchbuilt)
  • Motor(s):  H180
  • Notes:  


t00-066.jpg (6625 bytes)


  • Owner:  Mike Casmey
  • Rocket:  unknown
  • Motor(s):  Two J350's (I motor airstart)
  • Notes:  


t00-067.jpg (17136 bytes)


  • Notes:  Airstart of I154 (?)


t00-069.jpg (15204 bytes)


  • Notes:  Successful recovery