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Last updated: Dec 28, 2001

Alan Estenson, Webmaster



Minnesota Tripoli Launch Photos
North Branch, Minnesota
September 8, 2001
If you can contribute to the photo descriptions, please send email to
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Blue-bordered images are thumbnails.  Click on them to view the full-sized photo.

There is nothing wrong with your computer.  I was playing with black and white film. - Alan

All photos Copyright 2001 by their respective photographers (Alan S. Estenson).  Commercial reproduction prohibited without permission.

t01-209.jpg (49054 bytes)


  • Rocket Jeep?  Jeep Nike?  Nike SUV?


t01-210.jpg (30037 bytes)


  • Jeff Hove jumps for joy - attempting a "St. Louis arch".


t01-211.jpg (59247 bytes)


  • Mark Thell checks out the military surplus parachute.


t01-212.jpg (61005 bytes)


  • Some phrase about "too many cooks" comes to mind.


t01-213.jpg (30639 bytes)


  • Ready for flight.


t01-214.jpg (38562 bytes)


  • Owner:  Mark Thell
  • Rocket:  Nike something-or-other
  • Motor(s):  I300
  • Notes:  1st flight.  Constructed by Carl Peerson.


t01-215.jpg (140647 bytes)


  • "Field of Sorrows" (one of my favorite pics of the year - Alan)